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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Inspirational Quote/ Points to Ponder

Today, was the worst day of my life. But that’s O.K. This is really a happy blog and I’m not going to bring you down with my miseries. Just when I hit the low point of my day (ergo, of my life) believing all was lost, that life was hopeless, a friend of mine emailed some words of encouragement:

“Wah, wah,wah---wahhh……”

You may recognize the above quote from a third of the way through the Weezer song, ‘Beverly Hills’. The last thing I want this blog to become is some kind of Inspirational Chicken Mumbo Jumbo of the Soul Thing. But those words really put life in perspective for me, and I know they will for you.

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Yo Mamma said...

Whatever. It's like listening to a broken recrod. Specifically a broken record that only plays the instrumental portion of a song, which by and large is not an instrumental song. Plus it's like a broken record because instead of making any kind of sound, it is only good for reading. Stupid Broken Record.