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Friday, September 30, 2005

Pouring My Heart Out

You, my dear readers, probably think that my blog is the last place you would find wild, unrestrained emotions. And you would be right most days. But not today.
When I started this Blog, I did it purely as an act of Love. The International Consortium of Bloggers is paying me a paltry $22.00/hr for my work on this project. I am actually LOSING money by doing this.
That's why I am a little bit distraught by the outpouring of negativity--both gramatically correct and not so much correct grammarise--negativity.
I am of course referring to the comments below.
Now, I am seriously thinking about giving up blogging.
Dear readers. Let's build a community of 'Positvitinessousiousness', in the words of our president, rather than of, "Negationisitivity"
The fact is--and I'd prefer this not to get around--my life's goal is currently aimed at publishing another dozen things online and getting a few of my longer works in print. But after that, I just want to be a has been. You won't have to put up with me and 'annoyingness' or 'irritations.'

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Sheila said...

Well, this blog is a pleasant change from the last one. It's good to read that you've reformed.