With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Roy G. Biv at Seventy.

I’d like to think I made a difference, but everyone does. And now I’m useless. The years of being around kids finally took their toll. Not the kids, themselves, of course. It was all the sugar that caused adult diabetes, which led to my cloudy, almost non-existent vision.

What is the world like? Colors could have changed a lot since I was in my prime. Or they could be nonexistent. I don’t know, and it seems I’m going to spend my last days never knowing.

I have my sense of smell though. That is something to pass on to the kids: Rancid. Odor Yucky? I could change my name—but why should I? I can’t think of any more words for odors. Not any that kids would have to know throughout their whole life. And even if they did have to know them through their whole life, it isn’t like they would ever visit me and tell me about how I helped them find the right word for talking about their experience.

They never visit, they probably don’t even remember me, after first grade.


Jenn said...

Poor Justin. Is he not a happy vegemite?

Why, pray tell?

With a famous blog and worldwide fame, I would think life would be more fragrant. And aromatic.

(And I'm still waiting on that number to test out my 100 per cent call return rate)

Justin said...

Sure I'll post my number on the internets.

It isn't like I have one of those classified blogs that require a background check to gain admission.


Jenn said...

Hmmm. You could just email it, drama queen!