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Monday, December 10, 2007

Justin Prattles on About a Topic...For the Last Time.

If there is one hackneyed topic around concept of irony it is certainly the Shoji Screen, which I have talked about so many times before.

But something so terrible has happened that I feel I can only begin the healing process by talking about it.

In order to divide up my office, I ordered a Shoji Screen from a very reputable Online Shoji Screen Retailer. The reasons for this are obvious:
1. I want to put my writing desk behind the Shoji Screen so that I could respectably write with the window shades open.

2. Because I'm Kooky!

3. Rice Paper.

Needless to say my decision to buy a Shoji screen was well considered. But look carefully at the picture. Notice that my Shoji screen is damaged! And how am I supposed to attain Zen like serenity with this grossly misshapen Shoji Screen? And people will be able to see me in my undies through that hole!

Returning it isn't feasible, as shipping is half the cost. So I might as well just throw the Shoji Screen in the compost pile and lament that I didn't listen to my Mom's oft repeated advice: Never buy from deep discount Shoji screen retailers.


maleah said...

that is shoji sad....

mc said...

My many years of rooting through Justins Garbage have payed off at last!

I've always wanted a Shoji screen...

Oh, and yes! It is possible to acheive Zen-like Serenity wth a broken Shoji screen. But do not ask me how, as you will not recieve a pleasant answer.


Anonymous said...

is mc manservant curtis?

mc said...