With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Update and Geography Lesson.

My four remaining readers have no doubt noticed that postings have been a bit thin.

This is because nearly every day I have been travelling around half of the Cleveland Heights Quadrants. This excuse seems relatively weak to anyone who is not familiar with the layout of my home town.

Shockingly One Quarter of my readers were unsure as to which quadrant I have moved to and the same quarter of readers was under the mistaken impression that the four quadrants are one, two, three and four!

This Official Map© of the Heights Area no doubt clarifies things. As you can see I am moving between the fourth quadrant and the fifth. This would be no problem were it not for the border. Every other day I trip over the thing.


goldennib said...

Why are there so many Carets in the 4th quadrant? Is that why you moved?

Too_Lively said...

I like looking at your archives and seeing that you were absent for like 14 years. Sort of like John Travolta.

By the way, watch where your going so's not to trip.

Mary Lois said...

All this talk of quadrants reminds me that I have an appointment with the dentist next week. Thank you for that, Cleveland!

Justin said...

Oh right. You didn't leave a comment. I guess you don't want to leave comments when I have time to read them and respond thoughtfully.

Probably off watching some Zombie flick. But seriously have you seen sean of the dead.


Justin said...

Mary Louis,
Cleveland Heights, to be precise. But I'm sure those without my eye for detail wouldn't have even noticed.


Justin said...

Lively II,

He got the idea from me! I'm an original.


Justin said...


You mean the tea pees (sp?).

Haven't you heard of the Cleveland Indians?


Frank said...

Oh, you got a castle.

You'll love it.

The only drawbaback is the heating bills.

Justin said...

I had a green friendly castle design. It is shockingly energy efficient.