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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Motivational Monday:A Recipe for Success.

A lot of weeks, I have Motivational Monday a bit earlier on. But not this week. I wanted this Motivational Monday to be really special. Not like all of that crap I was feeding you before.

Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to write something motivational. But then I looked inside my freezer (pictured) and I saw the perfect image of everything you need to stay ahead in life.

First, you will notice that my freezer has a hard drive in it. This is because I kicked my hard drive and as a result, it stopped working. Which is very NOT MOTIVATIONAL, because it contains lots of important stuff.

So I did some Internet research and learned that putting a hard drive in a freezer can restore it. Of course, the point isn't that you have to freeze your hardware, but applying some good old fashioned MacGyverism can help solve your problems.

Second, you will notice that my freezer has broccoli in it. Broccoli is yummy, and very good for success.

Now, go get motivated!


Lindsey said...

Are you ignoring me?? I feel like I actually have to start reading you blog just to get your attention. It was interesting. Well anyway, tell Mort to stop calling me.

P.S. Why does it ask for a word verification for something that isn't even a word?

maleah said...

Oh, way cool! I'm a "label maker." And you seriously need some ice cream.

Frank said...

I wonder if the same technique could fix the chipped paint on my snow-globe.

alecia said...

how's this for motivational monday?


Justin said...

If I am, a comment is a step in the right direction.

But it is only the first step.


Justin said...


Actually ice cream is part of a recipie for failure.

Except Rocky Road.


Justin said...

My freezer could totally fix that.

Try it in your first and if for some reason your freezer is vastly inferior I could loan the use of my freezer for a while.


Justin said...


Funny. That's great. Now everyone knows that I have lice.