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Monday, March 19, 2007


This weekend, during my extensive studies of Goethe, I came across this amazing quote: “Nothing is Worth More Than This Day.”

And by extensive studies, I mean I saw it on a magnet on my friend’s fridge when I dropped by to borrow season one of MacGyver.

But so what if I gave up on reading to watch boxed sets of DVD’s. Maybe, I’m all washed up, but you can be motivated if you stopped being so nosy about my pathetic life and started focusing on Goethe’s Great Idea.

I mean doesn’t Goethe’s quote really put things in perspective?

Allow me to explain this quote. What is worth more than this day? NOTHING, says Goethe!

So maybe the quote wasn’t as elusive as I had imagined it to be. But the real test is what are you going to do with that beautiful tidbit of motivation? Are you going to use this day to its fullest or are you going to be all pathetic and wish you would have checked to see if Macgyver has been released on DVD yet? And then send me an email asking if I could wait to start MacGyver and I’m going to be like nope, because what is more valuable than this day and the opportunity to watch MacGyver? Nothing!

Obviously, I can’t tell you how to apply this quote to your own life, but I can give you another example of what that quote has inspired me to do. I am going to make a needlepoint with Goethe’s saying on it.

That’s how important this quote is to me. “NOTHING IS WORTH MORE THAN THIS DAY”

Sure, the key quality I had always been looking for in a girl is the ability to needlepoint so that she could cover our home with wise sayings. So that, when I remembered to shut the toilet seat, I would see the phrase, “NOTHING IS WORTH MORE THAN THIS DAY”

And in the hall that leads away from the bathroom would be another, needlepoint of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arm and needle point-tattooed on it is the saying, "NOTHING IS WORTH MORE THAN THIS DAY.” And by the time I removed the needlepoint car covering and drove down the needlepoint driveway, I would have been so full of good and wise sayings that nothing could have stopped me. Not even a slew of really sad, negative needlepoints made by second rate wives in the neighborhood.

But I’m never gone have a needle pointing women or a toilet or a hall, so I need to emphasize that what I have right now, THIS DAY, is worth more than anything.

Except maybe the boxed set of MacGyver.

Either way Goethe has given us a Super-Motivational thought!


maleah said...

Wow. It's Monday right now. Nothing is worth more than this. Except Monday coffee...

alecia said...

i get motivated on mondays by pounding down vodka at 7 am. har har har

well, i AM in college!

Justin said...


Probably the best imaginable scenario would be if someone paid me royalties to print my motivationalisms on coffee cups.


Justin said...

You may be a college student, but at a Catholic college.

I guess that doesn't change your point, does it?


Curtis said...

Blog.... too long...can't....read....everything....ehh.

Justin said...

You won't believe this but aesthetics (see above) very much said the same thing to my face.

Must. Keep. Brief.


goldennib said...

Needlework is a subconscious warning that there is hidden opposition or deceit in your close circle of acquaintances. That's the message Goethe is trying to give you.

alecia said...

justinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i just saw youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu we are best friendsssssssssssssss woohoo!

p.s. i followed you to your house so now i know where you live. be super creeped out starting NOW!

Justin said...

No you didn't follow me, because I used evasive tactics.

Justin said...

Goethe is so paranoid. That's what I love about him.