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Monday, May 08, 2006

Since Brevity is the Soul of Wit, And Tediousness the Limbs and Outward Flourishes, I Will Be Brief

Or as the great poet Shakespeare said, "A little less conversation, a little more action please" (Hamlet VI: xi)

Sorry to everyone who expressed their feeling that posts were getting too long. I can't help it when I'm not funny, but I can help it when I go on and on. For those who stopped reading--

Cliff Notes Version of Last Week's COI

My Mugs=Expensive, Controversial (but worth it)

Noam Chomsky and I disagree

Phrase "Stephen Colbert" brings in hits.

Kafka=Funny Ears
Maybe, the source of his art.

People Complain. Justin Listens.

Tomorrow's post: Short. Don't want to lose you.

Please condense comments. (Example: Rather than leave a comment that invites more comments simply summarize the potential exchange. )


Anonymous said...

The Following is an excerpt of an actual conversation:

-Curtis says to Justin, "wow, I actually made it through an entire post without falling asleep."
- Justin replies,” I hate you, you funny smelling man, die."
- Curtis replies, "does this mean you are going to close your curtain and ignore me now?"
- Justin replies," I can't hear you, I am behind a blue curtain and it is sound proof, as well as fire resistant, although it does act as an allergen trap that will eventually kill me. "
- Curtis retorts- "what a wuss"
-Justin grins and replies " I hate you, you always interrupt me when I’m studying, you make fun of everything I do and own, when I’m around you I want to vomit, and no, you may NOT eat my bread darn it! And by the way, I DRANK ONE OF YOUR BEERS! So eat me."
- Curtis peeks into the curtain- " you complete me"

*Please note that this conversation isn't entirely truthful. While every word was in fact said by each person above, each statement was not necessarily said in the same conversation, in response to a statement, or in anyway referring to any previous or following statements.

Justin said...

Now might be one of those teachable moments, that I think are so valuable in life: I just want to publically congratulate Curtis on his Engagement--TO A GIRL.

WIP said...

i missed the long post:-(

Anonymous said...

You should blog from inside a sphere.

Jean said...


Anonymous said...

omg i feel sick, at first i thought it was the fact that i ate a massive dinner in China Town where the food was kinda cold but i was too hungry to notice, and then i thought it might be due to the fact that i stabbed myself when a glass broke while doing dishes at my shit job then i thought that it might actually be your vietnam post, then i thought maybe it was because i thought me stomach was trying to tell me i was hungry again, so i chain-smoked (being unable to afford more real food), but that made me sicker and so i ate some actual food at home, but i confirmed it wasn't hunger, so i disinfected and bandaged my wound, but i'm still sick, finally i read your blog today, and then i threw up, no offence or anything but i sense no other logical conclusion than that i'm allergic to cutsey-pies not to worry though, like all things bad for me i can't seem to quit them

Justin said...

wip: That's the spirit. JDK

Justin said...

some things just can't be said with words can they?


Justin said...

anonymous: Is it that you need to borrow a few bucks?


Googley Eyes said...

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