With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

From "The Collected Correspondence of Justin Kahn"

{ED. NOTE: 1)At Carribou you can recieve ten cents off if you answer the day's trivia question. 2) The letter from Justin was sent 04/30. The response was recieved 05/02}

I just wanted to drop a note about the Caribou location on Coventry

The staff is very friendly and the place is mostly clean. I especially like the fire place. The gas burns very nicely.

I guess I just like the atmosphere. Without it, it would be very difficult to breathe.

I’ll be honest with you: I don’t exactly like the music. You guys used to play this one song by David Gray. It’s the one were he is sounds kind of like a whale. I like whales, but I’ve always felt they lack the ear for music. Maybe you should let people play music they bring in.

But enough negativity. I especially like going on Sunday mornings. There is always this tall lanky guy and a girl who is always reading books about sparrows(?) Anyway, they make me laugh and I call them the Caribou Clown Crew, even though they don’t wear floppy shoes.
I almost always get the trivia question wrong. I always say, ‘But the customer is always right.’

Those clowns (see above) laugh and laugh, but then they don’t give me the discount. I do feel that if you really believed the Customer is always right, than you owe me about $140.10. But really those people are so nice, I don’t mind if you don’t give me the cash. Even though I could really use it.

P.S. Really, I do like whales, just not their music!

Dear Justin,

Thank you for taking time to write us with your inquiry. At Caribou we strive to be a great neighborhood gathering place. We apologize for your dissatisfaction in our in-store music. Currently, we use a third party satellite music system to provide our in-house music entertainment. I have passed your comments to the appropriate parties for further consideration. Also, I will be sending your email to the store staff, I know they will be eager to hear your feedback. Thank you again for your
correspondence and for making Caribou a part of your coffee experience.



WIP said...

clown shoes, and whale songs <3

whale songs do kinda make me tired.... makes my brain waves go funky....

I decided to come back...

Justin said...

And with a picture.

Plus, also I'm at Carribou right now and they gave me a drink for sending that email.

A Good day indeed.


Zen Wizard said...

Were I a barrista, I would always say, "You are correct!" and give you the freakin' discount even if you said that Hubert Humphrey was the "president who played piano on Laugh-In" on the theory that scores of "right" customers getting 10-percent discounts all day equals more Change-ola in the ol' tip jar.

But the barristas lack my Lex Luthor-like Machiaveli-ism, which is why they will always be barristas, and one day I will rule the world!

C. said...

Speaking of "gentlemen", Tool makes me look really young and perky.

Me likey long time.

Anonymous said...

Inspired or mocking

Justin said...

Zen Wizard:
While I appreciate your Donald Like Trump Business Savy, what they know about me, and you may not,is that ain't no way, given the choice, I would part with a dime.


Justin said...

cristy: Really?

Justin said...


a little of both????