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Thursday, March 02, 2006

An Emergency Second Posting: T.G.I. Spring Break

Turns out my comment function was disabled, somehow. Plus, two days ago I talked with Audrey (see Valentine’s Day era posts)

ME: You were calling four times a day. Now, you don’t call anymore.
AUDREY: It’s my cell phone. It’s doing strange things. Because of the solar flares I think.
ME: It’s that guy isn’t it?
AUDREY: No. Not at all. Not in the least. Not even somewhat. Oh, I would never ever go out with him. He’s uninteresting and dorky and inferior to you in every way.
ME: So I can’t see you. It is that guy isn’t it.
AUDREY: No. We divorced.
ME: Divorced?
AUDREY: Yeah in my gut I knew I shouldn’t have gotten involved. But what’s a girl to do? Passions, emotions, feelings. We were just friends, than we were Dating, Engaged, Married, Separated, Back Together, Divorced.
ME: I specifically asked you if you would go out with him. You said no. You lied to me.
AUDREY: If you think about it, really you are the liar.
ME: What?
AUDREY: Well, somebody was lied to. And I couldn’t see far enough in the future to lie about it.
ME: Are emotions shipped to you? Or downloaded? Can you really not know three hours in advance? (I'm sorry dear readers that you have to see my spewing such venom.)
AUDREY: It's just none of this happened until yesterday.
ME: Since Yesterday? I find it hard to believe that you pack so much into a day.
AUDREY: You believe it when Jack Bauer does it.

That pushed me over the edge. That’s why I’m leaving tonight, going on a real spring break. I don’t know if Internet will be available, but if I can, I’ll keep you posted.


Blitz said...

Just browsing: Yikes, that sounds awful. It kind of sounds like you're lucky to lose such a headcase

LombaireFan said...

Hello. I just stumbled over here and discovered that we share identical templates so I feel a certain kinship with you. I've also noticed that your archives date back to 1990. Well, mine go back to 1974!

Best wishes on your break,


KristieSue said...

He's a one upper! Meanie!

Rachel said...

Hmmmm.... interesting. Thank me, please. I am reading your blog.

Jennifer Rog said...

You are very fortunate to have experienced this. Now you can hopefully learn from the situation and break free from any vicious cycles you may have for falling for the same type of woman.