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Friday, March 24, 2006

Alanis, Irony & Me

Duckenvy dragged it out of me. Back when Alanis and I were dating she knew my deep interest in irony. Sometimes when I was writing a novel or something, she would try to get my attention by singing non-sense songs. Initially the song was just the first few seconds of "Ironic"


But soon, with much concentration,I was able to block that out.

Over dinner I told her the Story of how Dostoevsky was sentenced to be executed, but two minutes before the execution recieved a reprieve. I told her that I thought critics exaggerated this as a source of irony in the great novels dealing with death.

its a death row pardon two minutes too late.
"No, what I'm saying is in Dostoevsky's case it actually isn't a source of irony..."

a black fly in your chardononay
"I see what your saying but, really I just want another Chardonay. I don't care if it is before noon."

She wouldn't stop. And so I gave her the "Your a Great Person But I Don't Think Your Understanding of Literary Terms is Up To Contemporary Standards" speech.

The real irony is that I became totally disassociated from the song "Ironic" and generally known as the subject of her song, "You Oughta Know."

I'm sure glad Oprah was more mature about ending things.


Curtis AKA Manservent said...

Do you want to know what I think is ironic? Master Justin purchases a bread maker and I STILL cannot figure out what yeast is. I think i'll stick to my matzah machine.
Kleyne kinder kakn kleyne kutshes.

Reese said...

Gee, blanks57 is a hard act to follow, but I'll try. Hello, there - I'm glad to see the university professors are still giving Alanis hell for this. She goes out with Ryan Reynolds, you know. His body is puuuurrrrrfect. I saw pictures on the Internet. Total Greek God.


reese again said...

I'm confused. Where did blanks go. Oh whatever, nevermind, sorry.

Pamela Hollosnap said...

Hysterical :)

Dustin said...

dig the blog my friend...

Anonymous said...

This is probably the best blog in the whole wide world. Ever. And will be forever too.
Your "Curtis" persona is pitch perfect. You make this character sound like a real weenie.
With deepest regards
Your biggest fan. Ever.

jisa said...

Good blog, nice to be here

duckenvy said...

Glad to be of inspiration. Yeast is used for making beer. Any other uses are inconsicenctial. Greetings from New Zealand. By the by, our West Island of Australia is not as claimed by yourself fictional. To learn about Australia please visit my blog http://duckenvy.blogspot.com

Natasha Flick Benjo said...

the irony of ironic is its not being ironic at all



Sven said...

This was pretty funny. Thanks for letting me stop by.

Anonymous said...

blanks57 is a hard act to follow and Allanis is a dustmite in his mattress covers,blanks is here.

Dale said...

Ironically, all things considered, funny.

Rejean said...

You reelly shoud get a spellcheckor.