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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In Honor of Jack Bauer

Not a lot has been going right for me these days. In fact, up until Sunday I was thinking about gouging out my eyes and burning my television. But with the start of ’24: Day five’ I’m really glad that I didn’t do either.

In honor of this first rate show, I offer a very special edition of Rarities Friday.

Reviews for Kiefer Sutherland’s “24 Live On Stage”
Reviews Collected by Justin Kahn

“Very Long”
-Cleveland Play Review

“The Finger prints of Beckett are all over this one. Except instead of being a play without anything happening, this is non stop explosive fun.”
-Beckett Studies

“They wouldn’t let me leave, despite that fact I was scared and tired and desperate and needed to take my Insulin. The ushers were like, ‘Sorry it’s a matter of National Security.’ Despite the drawbacks, I give it two thumbs up.’
-National Newsletter of Diabetics

“Jack Bauer kills at least one person each hour of the show. What would Shakespeare say about that kind of senseless bloodshed?”
--Shakespearean Bits

“I thought Victim #7, Justin Kahn, did an outstanding job.”
--Source Unknown.

“What Wagner would have given for an ending like that…I hope the other audience members survived. Or at least some of them.”
--The National Enquire

“By the end of 24 hours, I was really tired. And then the announcer said that they were taking a fifteen minute break, between day one and day two. At that point I just lost it and the ushers came and put me in holding. But I escaped. Highly Recommended.
--Kiefer Sutherland

“As Brilliant as I found the idea of using numbers for a title, what really got me as the dialogue which consisted entirely of numbers. Spellbinding!”
--Newsletter for American Mathematical Theatre Goers

“If you enjoy 24 Seasons one, two, three, or four you will love ‘24 adopted for the stage.’ You have never seen Kiefer Sutherland as a Dancing Clam like this before.”
--Action Plays Review

“…The Partial Melt Down recreated on stage is a violation of National and International Regulations.”
--Bulletin of Atomic Scientist

“…The only let down being Hour Seven, was cut short by 33 seconds.”
--The Daily Planet

“I went for a play that featured the songs of Billy Joel and the Choreography of Twila Tharpe. What I got was a series of actual explosions and what I think was an actual death match. Cool!.’
--Sir Elton John

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