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Monday, December 19, 2005


Finally, we come to the conclusion of the World's Best Contest, Ever.

A brief review:

Silentt used a bunch of words which I don't know. I think she made them up. However, I'll gladly buy her Chipotle as I desperately want her to take my picture. I am thinking of getting back together with eharmony.

Stephan, a dear friend, wasn't seriously guessing. His entry was simply a sly illusion, to one of my favorite past times.

Anonymous would have also won, but clearly violated the rules by posting anonymously.

Marissa, a clear pseudonymn of my Mom, is disqualified for reasons outlined in my rules.

So, then. Curtis wins. I won't tell which of his answers is correct, though.

I hate being thought of as a wuss.

1 comment:

silent T said...

Bribing me with chopotle will definitely get you a sexy picture of yourself to put on eharmony. But maybe we should wait till your eye clears up, that's not sexy. I wanted to include pictures on my last comment for you to compare to your eye, but blogspot wouldn't let me.