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Monday, December 12, 2005

Assessing the Damage of Rejection Friday

(If you hate links and long posts, scroll down)
Thanks to all the people who emailed, called, or told me in person, that they really didn't care to bother reading Friday's post.

And Kati. Oh, Kati. You were travelling? My own feeling is that it isn't too much of me to expect that you drop a comment or email letting me know if you are going to be away?

Anyway, enough of alluding to obscure sections of my comments section. It's time to quote from obscure sections of my comments sections. If you haven't read Kati's post she writes, about half way through:

it's too late to read something that long, and also, i am never a fan of links. you made it even worse by saying not to even read the post if i didn't click on the link first, so you essentially drained all of the motivation right out of me. or possibly movitation, which is what i typed at first.

In honor of Kati, I include this special


December 12, 2005

Links suck, just read my post.
I ate Mini-Wheats for Breakfast.

Posted at 6:44 A.M.


So, I still think the Elvis piece is funny. I don't know why the formatting is all goofy. Maybe that would have changed your impression of it. Maybe if I would buy you stuff that would change your opinion of the Elvis piece.

Please don't email, call, or visit to tell me that even if I bought you the stinkin' moon, you still wouldn't like the elvis piece. I get the idea.

My Post-within-a post genre will almost certainly revolutize blogging as it has been practiced for the last five thousand years. Please specify when commenting if you are referring to the very post modern Post-Within-a-Post, or the more traditional Post.

Thank you for reading.


kati said...

a)i can't tell if i really offended you, and i hope i didn't.

ii)come on! it WAS really long!

7)that made me laugh so hard i started to cry. admittedly i took a break from the merriment in the middle to wonder if you were mocking me, but in the end the amusement won out.

congrats on another fine post!

Justin said...

ONE:To be offended I would have to have emotions, which I don't. This is not hyperbole, but one hundred percent fact.
ONE2: But what's kind of funny, in a non-emotional way, is that I did get this rather high inter-personal response about people not liking the piece, which is perhaps what I was addressing in my satirical yet sly and laid back way.

4: Seriously, where did you learn to outline?

6) I never mock. That is not the way of irony.

C: If you need help with how to oultine future posts let me know. I can help.

Lastly,Thanks for your comment. I hope you continue to read, and are completely open and frank about the direction my blog is taking.

Anonymous said...


You have some sort of Andy Kaufmann-esque anti-entertainment thing going. Interesting. Next you should wrestle a woman in your blog.

Anonymous said...

or fake your own death.