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Friday, November 18, 2005

Just in Time for Andrew’s Lunch Hour

If there is one thing this blog is about, it is about my deepest inner stirrings.

Lucky, there isn’t one thing this blog is about.

One minute I may be talking about the far reaching implications of
Johnny Depp’s courageous decision to defy any smoking ban and another minute I may not be. For example one of the NON- Johnny Depp's courageousness topics ould be what I am reading.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to explicate other people's books. No, not with all of the hyperlinking I am doing these days (see, like, a couple of lines above). So as to strike the perfect balance between maintaining my own high levels of productivity and an openness about my life with you the reader, I introduce:

One Word Book Reviews of Books I am Currently Reading

TITLE: The World Was Going Our Way: The KGB and the Battle for the Third World
REVIEW: Scary!

TITLE: Melville: His World and Work

TITLE: The Truth about Babies
REVIEW: Overdue!

TITLE: The Unabridged Mark Twain: Volume One
REVIEW: 3 pounds *

TITLE: Don Quixote
REVIEW: Laughable.

* I am not counting ‘3’ as a word but as what I like to call ‘a number’


Anonymous said...

As an avid reader of your blog, I am happy to see you talking about someone other than yourself (i.e., "Andrew"). I encourage other readers to write in and request more information about your "friends" or your "social life", or simply, more info about "Andrew's lunch".

Anonymous said...

What did Andrew have for lunch? I hear it was a tunafish sandwhich.

kati said...

sorry about me not being anynymous and all...but i had to mention this to you somewhere. i followed the link on margot's blog to you, and then followed the link here to the new versions of classic literature spiced up with cellphones. (wee! links!) (wee! making up my own names for Stuff You Wrote!)

just had to mention that the new version of waiting for godot made me put down my bowl of spaghetti and clap my hands in glee. yay for you!

Justin said...

Hi Kati:

All the more, since you I have been an admirer of your comments on Margot's blog.

I guess you don't know me, but if you did you would see why all of my friends tend to stay anonymous. Could be bad for your rep.

Just the same, I'm thrilled someone else liked the waiting for godot part (I was the first).

To date, I've had no luck getting my version staged.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your spaghetti.

kati said...

what a coincidence, i DID like the rest of my spaghetti! thanks for the good wishes.

i believe everyone who read it should like your new version of waiting for godot. i mean, hello! it was hilarious!

and as far as my rep goes...that's pretty much down the drain anyways, so i'm willing to throw the rest of it to the wind (a la caution) and sign my comments with my actual name.

i am making a great effort not to use any smiley face emoticons here, because i sense that you and your humorous blog are far too mature and -possibly-stalwart for that.

(but secretly i'm smiling on the inside.)