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Friday, October 14, 2005

Writing, in my opinion, is its own reward

Unlike some people, I don’t feel a need to win the Nobel Prize just to make me feel better about myself. Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, Harry.

All it takes for me to feel good about myself is some respect from a fine publication like Science Creative Quarterly .

If for some reason you aren't reading this on Friday the 14th (This means you Adam. And maybe a couple of others) take a look at this bad boy hyperlink.

Feel free to take me out for drinks or a fine meal or just buy me a gift or something. But no hugs.


silent T said...

congrats! Learn to make a link in your post so that the reader can just click on it!

emilyknowsit said...

Who is this silent t guy/ girl who expells unrequested advice on Mr. Irony's blog? Mind your own business, Buster!

"Buster" is such a ridiculous word, don't you think so too, Mr. Irony? On second thought you probably think it's a strikingly sensible word, full of nuance and clarity.

silent T said...

unrequested good advice

Rachel said...

Justin, I LOVE the new template! It's the perfect platform for you.