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Monday, October 17, 2005

This Post is Dedicated to Number 9 in my book

Hey. Things are going really good for me. In the last week I've finished three decent stories. I'm slowly working on some bigger projects and classes have been really good.

So, in honor of me, I thought I'd take this week and focus in on Me, my life, and my work. This means the scientific insights, the fantasy football philosophy, the astute political insight, that you have come to expect from conceptofirony will be put on hold.

This Post is Dedicated to Number 9 of my favorites, Monica. Seriously with a little bit of work you could tie with my number 8 (Pineapple Milkshakes at that place on Coventary. Sutherlands? Whatever.)

Since I'm dedicating this to people, I might as well dedicate this to my #3(Games of chess won) and my # 14 (allergies to seafood.)

I really appreciate how crunk each one of you are.

1 comment:

A lobster said...

That is so lame that you are allergic to seafood. But also kind of good.