With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Enough about me, What do you think About Me?

Things have been really busy for me, but I always manage to make time for googling my name. The following is what I have found >today.

….That said, watching Hawkes work through the evidence—countering probable scenarios with possible then possible with probable in a spectacular display of reasoning through the evidence—has something valuable to say to anyone who stares at piles of evidence, written or otherwise, and wonders how best to sift through them.) Of course, Justin Kahn could settle this debate in an instant, but he has papers to steal and Santayana to quote. (Kahn's also on David Davisson's short-list for October's "Patron Saint of Patahistory." An important fellow, President Kahn is. How to best worship him? We could take a page from Phil Harland's books and worship our "Revered One" Roman-style.) When he finishes divesting himself of all his shares of ExxonMircoMobileSoft and officially accepts the Sceptor of Supreme Leader of the United Continents of the Americas, S.L.U.C.A. Kahn could help Sylwester Ratowt find Percy Harrison Fawcett, the gentleman naturalist who lost himself while trying to find the lost city of Z. Or he could use his Supreme Ultimate Fiat to declare "." a shorter sentence than "Z." (It is supreme and ultimate after all.) Or maybe he has too much work to do: lives to save in grand coincidental fashion…

I hope that I am made Patron Saint of Patahistory. I would put that on my resume.


Scott Eric Kaufman said...

What can I say, you have the potentionl--nay! responsibility--to be a very important historical personage. (I had initially intended to use your story to structure the entire carnival, but the tone it led me to seemed inappropriate for discussions about the historical legacies of slavery or the Civil War.) I hope you don't mind...but that has to be the best result of vanity googling ever, no?

Justin said...

I am honored to have a comment from scott eric kaufman. Not simply because he has provided the finest vanity googling experience any adjunct instructor could hope to have;Or Because he is a real person, and not simply one of the commenters that I have made up; but because according to his blog he is reading both David Foster Wallace and Robert Musil. The man has class.