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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Big Shout Out to Me

Hey Friends, Family, and Misc. Other Loved Ones. I have sold my first story ever. It will be published in November on the cafe irreal website:


Once my programer returns, he will make the above line all weird so when you just touch it, the screen turns into another page. Weird.


silent T said...

congrats! Finally making money!

Justin said...

Hi Silent T:
Thanks as always for the kind words.

ana hegel said...

oh look! i rushed off to read your blog!
congratulations on selling your story. and i'm happy that i finally got to read some of your things. callou callai!
now write something about hegel...

Justin said...

ana hegel:
Thanks for reading my blog. I suppose you read the links on the side, and you see why I'm so hesitant to show anything what I've written.
Are you related to THE hegel? Maybe evena descendent of the great Nathaniel Hegel? Cool. J.