With Continual Reference to Justin Kahn.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Cosmopolitan Justin

Justin Kahn has gone international. Here is something from one of my reader’s in Australia:
And I think you should keep up blogging, if for no other reason than
that I want to be a good programmer. I plan to try to hack into your
blog and use it for my own purposes. If I can do that, it will show
that I have some coding skills. Good for a resume.

What encouragement! I’m glad that my Australian Readers are making plans for future collaborations, rather than simply sitting around getting eaten by poisonous snakes.
I never imagined when I started this blog (last Friday) that I would develop such a cult following. But what must be, is. Or were. Or something.
Also, note on the sidebar I have updated “Justin in Translation.” I’ll use it to collect translations of my publications and blog entries. Please let me know if you find something I have overlooked. Does anyone know if my work has been translated into Old English yet?


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silent T said...

justin, you copier! I have learned a valuable lesson from your blog, if you want a lot of comments, write them yourself. :) If those are real comments, then sorry I hurt your feelings. coffee soon?